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250 GTO

AGGressive and sensual

the Ferrari 250 GTO

The main reason a started this study was to figure out the philosophy behind the well known GTO. Why do so manny people refer to this pice of automotive history as "astonishing good looking" and how is it, that a car be so aggressive and sensual at the same time? Next to that I also wanted to project these adjectives onto a car that could easily be produced nowadays. This meant that I had to look at all the essentials and translate them into modern lines, shapes and gestures.  


to the original version from 1962

 My interpretation is very loyal to the original version from 1962, but I tried to make her a bit more vital and clean so it would fit perfectly within our twenty first century standards. 


So, on one side it is a tribute to the mighty Ferrari 250 GTO that once dominated the racetracks around the world. On the other hand it is here to inspire the future generations, car enthusiasts and designers all around the world. 

vital and clean

for the twenty first century

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