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electric sportboat

performance, luxury, quality, and sustainability

"The Edorado team has taken a unique and innovative approach to developing a superior high-performance electric sportboat.  Edorado’s application of advanced technologies and clever design has produced a fast electric sportboat that will finally deliver the performance the market demands.  The Edorado 8S is not just a new boat; it’s a whole new boating experience, a

no-compromise blending of performance, luxury, quality, and sustainability."


 steering and navigation

The philosophy behind the interior design is that it provides a comfortable and safe place to be.The layout is focussed on providing the best views for the pilot as well as the passengers. 

The result is a compact cockpit with central steering and navigation console. Spacious layout with integrated mood lighting, premium 8 speaker sound system, built-in picnic set with wine cooler and integrated bimini are just some of the premium features onboard. Oh and off course we did not forget the cupholders.


much like an airplane

The Edorado 8S has the ability to fully retract her foil system into the hull. When leaving the dock at low speed or in shallow water the boat operates as a normal boat. Once flight mode is engaged she will take-off very much like an airplane. You will be flying comfortably above the waves


much like an airplane

We love our boats fast, really fast. The 8S features fully submerged hydrofoils in the optimal configuration for high speed. The robust vertical struts can withstand large impacts with floating debris and the fully digital Automatic Control System ensures a comfortable and exhilarating ride. The twin drive gives you precision control for docking while at the same time offering dual redundancy for safety.


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