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AN american classic

based on the 1955 cadillac eldorado

piece of poetry

based on a 1955 cadillac eldorado

The world of yacht design, with it's wealthy clients and wild wishes, seems to be limitless. Therefore you might expect a yacht designer to start with a blank canvas. Instead of doing that, I began with an object from the past. The past is where I find beauty, stories and romance for inspiration. 


The yacht I designed is a translation of the appearance of a ‘55 Cadillac Eldorado, one of my great heroes from the 1960s. I am fascinated by the elegance and outspoken personality of this grand American automobile. It almost feels like the car has become its own entity, and has its own voice. Fleetwood is a translation that should emphasize the same feeling. It is a completely new object, but it will allways have a relation to the Cadillac. Every line has a reason and every shape tells a story. Therefore, I like to see it as a piece of poetry.

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